Juno Lovers


Imagine near-Earth asteroid Juno - home of the intergalactic duo. One day in space beautiful melodies and sounds from synthesizers on Earth caught their ears. They knew they had to find these magical instruments and got on a journey through time and space guided by their ears and hearts....


Juno Lovers love Junos! Warm and fat sounds from vintage analogue synths together with beautiful compositions and vocals make up the duo’s unique sound.

Juno Lovers’ first single release Going Back captures with deep, percussive basslines and expressive chord patterns creating an emotional retro feeling. With delicate vocals that sound like a mantra Going Back invites you on a beautiful trip!


....When the duo landed on earth they found a new home base in Vienna, Austria where their exploration of sound takes place.

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Sophie Geymüller & Lukas Schönsgibl Duo


Sophie singt und Lukas spielt Gitarre. Gemeinsam interpretieren sie ihre Lieblingssongs und Eigenkompositionen aus Jazz, Pop und Soul auf einzigartige Weise. 

Sophie sings and Lukas plays the guitar. In a unique way they interpret their favorite jazz, pop and soul songs as well as original compositions.

Sophie Geymüller & The Navigators

Die Jazzband spielt Sophies Eigenkompositionen und veröffentlichte im Dezember 2017 mit Holy Owly ihr Debütalbum:


Sophie Geymüller - Gesang und Komposition

Thomas Kugi - Saxofon 

Erwin Schmidt - Klavier 

Uli Langthaler - Bass

Christian Salfellner - Schlagzeug  

The jazz band performs Sophie's original compositions and released its debut album Holy Owly in December 2017:

Sophie Geymüller - vocals and composition

Thomas Kugi - saxophone

Erwin Schmidt - piano

Uli Langthaler - bass

Christian Salfellner - drums

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